Easter Egg Hunt Tips

April 11, 2022

Spring weather may not be consistent. We hope for warm, awesome weather but plan for any. Choose outdoor location but also an indoor space in case the egg hunt needs to be moved inside.

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Did you ever catch yourself browsing through Amazon and coming across a product that’s just so weird? There’s something about one-of-a-kind, strange products that really catch people’s attention, especially since friends like to gift each other unusual products. In fact, according to a recent Good Housekeeping poll, most readers prefer to gift novelty items as opposed to everyday, practical items.

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Whiskey Stones Bullets with Basehttps://amzn.to/39U3bE6

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Easter Bunny Phobia

April 3, 2021

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Photos with the Easter Bunny is a rite of passage for families who celebrate Easter. It is the perfect symbol… unless your child experiences a bit of bunny phobia and tries to run away.

Disclaimer: All photos are fond on public domains on Internet.

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The Super Kegel exerciser helps treat weakened pelvic muscles as it helps tone and tighten your thighs, buttocks and lower abs. It also helps improve bladder control, pelvic floor strength, and enhanced intimacy. Crafted of polypropylene-coated stainless steel, the Super Kegel also helps to alleviate leakage due to incontinence.

Super Easy to Use

Simply place the Super Kegel between your upper thighs, then adjust the exerciser until it’s resting snugly and comfortably up against your buttocks. Make sure the narrower end of the exerciser is facing towards the front of your body and the open wide end is placed near your buttocks. Then, simply squeeze the exerciser using your upper/inner thighs and buttock muscles. Make sure your inner kegel muscles are being tightened as well. Tighten your muscles and slowly hold. Clench your muscles as tightly as you can to get the most benefit. Relax your muscles, then repeat.

  • Helps tone and tighten your pelvic muscles
  • Effective for women and men

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There is just something so satisfying about finding the tool that will solve all of your problems… After all, life’s too short to use products that take forever to accomplish your needs! If there is a gadget that will make life easier, then you can buy it and have handy for the next time you need it. We are all about trying to make life as simple and stress-free as possible.

Luckily for us, the Internet is filled with incredible, handy gadgets to purchase, from iRobot to portable Espresso machine.

I hope you find something that will give you that “perfect tool for the job” happiness!

#1. Mini Steam Iron  Which is Small Enough to Pack in Your Suitcase https://bit.ly/2DXLvah

#2. Microwave Bacon Cooker

#3. Portable Fold-able Water Flosser

#4. Wine Chill Drops Quickly Chill Your Wine!

#5. Portable Espresso Machine for Coffee-Lovers

#6. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Everyone Should Have Handy https://bit.ly/2DUzaDR

8. Lunch Warmer for Your Lunch In Office

#9. Toilet Bowl Light Will Light up at Night

#10. Roasting Rack Is Every Chef’s Dream

Green Tea CupGreen tea can’t make you grow younger, but it contains so much antioxidants that it has a youth-ing effects. I  am drinking green tea for many-many years and love it.  When I was introduced to the green tea at the first time (after being the Black Tea/Coffee girl) I did not understand that new look and flavor. But knowing all health benefits of the green tea I slowly adapted new qualities and made it  my everyday’s drink.

Recently I  looked online for some homemade masks ideas and found out that green tea is amazing for the skin, and you can make your own green tea mask at home. A green tea mask contains many powerful antioxidants- it will hydrate your skin, slows down the aging process and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

I will post some recipes for green tea homemade facial mask in next post, when I tried it myself.

Now I can share my old- favorite one- which I use sometimes at home. Usually I use the Magic Bullet to prepare my facial masks but you can just mash all ingredients in small cup as well.

Aloe Vera facial mask:

– one aloe vera leaf- cut from the side and take the inside gel – about two tablespoons.

– one tablespoon liquid green tea.

– one capsule of vitamin E (cut the capsule and squeeze the oil)

– optional: one teaspoon of plain yogurt.

– one teaspoon of the corn starch ( keeps mask together)

After blending all ingredients  apply mask on clean face with the facial brush and leave it for 10-15 min, then rinse with warm water and apply the moisturizer.

And … here we are … fresh and happy  🙂


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Yogi Tea

November 25, 2019

A while ago we had a Kyndalini Yoga Workshop with Rose and after session she kindly shared the delicious home made Yogi tea.  It’s great detox treatment especially after yoga practice. I made it couple times at home and love it.

So many people asked me already how to make it – here is the recipe I would like to share to everyone. TryIt and Love It!!!

YOGI TEA RECIPE – for good health
Make at least 4 cups of Yogi Tea at a time. (One is never enough!) For each cup, use:
10 oz water
3 whole cloves (for nervous system, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory)
4 green cardamom pods (for colon, helps break up kidney stones and gall stones)
4 whole black peppercorns (purifies blood)
l/2 stick cinnamon (for the bones and sugar regulation)
1 slice ginger root (1/2 inch chunk – peel if not organic ginger) (for general health)
‘/4 tsp black tea (optional)
Boil spices and water together for at least 15-20 minutes. Add black tea if desired and steep for 2 minutes. Add milk(cow, soy, almond or hemp) or sweetener if desired.
To make more than 1 qt, you can use less spices.
You might add more or less spices to suit your taste.
All ingredients you might find in local organic store or Whole Foods.

Cloves- https://amzn.to/2De00GJ

Green Cardamom Pods – https://amzn.to/2rsBLSk

whole black peppercorns- https://amzn.to/33g0YwQ

cinnamon stick- https://amzn.to/2OjME20

9f4a1c9b1b231c831b031365d765260yyeTatting is the age-old art of making delicate handmade lace by looping and knotting a single cotton thread held on a small shuttle. Thought to have originated in Italy in the 16th century, it gradually made its way across Europe until, in the late 18th century, it could be found decorating all types of items from reticules to bonnets, caps and handkerchiefs. Imitation tatting can be purchased, but nothing beats the real item.

The shuttles used centuries ago were made from wood, ivory, bone, metal, or shell. They were longer than most used today and almost always highly decorated. Whether they were carved or studded with jewels, these shuttles were meant to catch the eye as the lady made her lace.


Charles Antoine Coypel (French, 1694 – 1752) «Double Portrait Presumed to Represent Francois de Jullienne (1722–1754) and His Wife (Marie Elisabeth de Sere de Rieux, 1724–1795)» 1743


1750s – Louise Elisabeth and Philip with their children Ferdinand and Marie Louise by Giuseppe Baldrighi


Pietro Rotari (1707–1762) Portrait of Marie Kunigunde of Saxony (1740-1826), Abbess of Thorn and Essen, daughter of Augustus III of Poland, circa 1755

Tatting knowledge was passed along from person to person. In time, patterns were printed in popular magazines and books. These days tatting is back to fashion in old and new way as a doilies, collars and jewelry.




I learned frivolite technique more than 20 years ago and came back to lace making just several years ago.

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Frivolite/Tatting tools:


Crochet hook

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