When it’s cold and flu season nothing is more comforting than a hot drink to soothe your throat and open up your sinuses. The Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea, also known as the Coldbuster, is a hot drink that does just that.

Medicine ball: Half hot lemonade, half hot water, peach tranquility tea, jade citrus mint tea, 2 tbsp. honey. Miracle cold cure every time. You’re welcome.

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Shop with Telegram

March 7, 2022

What is Telegram? Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. It is one of the best encrypted messaging apps, offering a cross-platform, cloud-based distributed messaging app that has no ads.

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February 22, 2022

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Who would know that the face mask will be in fusion one day? Now you can wear it not only on your face and inside your bag, just wear- have it as YOUR TOTE BAG.

We have the 50% coupon available till 2/20/22. Copy Promo Code: YG62ERFZ and use it at checkout.

Women’s Mask Shaped Handbag

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The Earth offers spectacular natural wonders that only a small percentage of people will ever see in their lifetime. These 7 natural wonders of the world include the Northern Lights, the Grand Canyon, Paricutin, Mount Everest, Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Victoria Falls, and the Great Barrier Reef.

1. The Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis.

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✨ ✨ Something new every day -Lady Gaga and Haus Laboratories set out to achieve with their latest launch, Eye-Dentify Gel Pencil Eyeliner

“We created these so you could write your own stories, develop your own perspectives, and show the world what you want them to see,” Gaga tells Allure. https://bit.ly/3fE6yiQ

Shop on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2XyIEyP

Shop at Haus Laboratories https://bit.ly/3slHWDF

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Hot Sales from Venus

December 5, 2021

Cable Knit Sweater Dress Shop at Venus.

Fall looks so good on you, especially in this adorable Cable Knit Sweater Dress. Soft and snug with open stitch detail along the neckline, this piece teams with your favorite ankle booties for a fabulously on-trend look!

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Keep Your Pets Happy

December 1, 2021

We moved to Shopping Meditation !

As a nation we are obsessed with our pets. Here are Some Tips to Help Owners Keep Their Pet Happy and Healthy:

  • Give Them Attention
  • Let Them Socialize & Exercise
  • Give them Toys
  • Healthy Diet is Crucial
  • Take them to a Vet.
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 Etsy is an e-commerce company (like ebay) that currently limits sales to handmade items.


Etsy does lots of things like ebay. They charge Sellers a listing fee and final sale percentage (although at $.20 and 3.5% they are way below what ebay charges) and listing stays for four months, not for couple of days. There is an ebay-like feedback system, and Etsy have integrated PayPal as a payment option.

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