* Very Easy Shop and Sell with Etsy

October 6, 2021

 Etsy is an e-commerce company (like ebay) that currently limits sales to handmade items.


Etsy does lots of things like ebay. They charge Sellers a listing fee and final sale percentage (although at $.20 and 3.5% they are way below what ebay charges) and listing stays for four months, not for couple of days. There is an ebay-like feedback system, and Etsy have integrated PayPal as a payment option.

The way Etsy implemented the tags method makes customers to shop very easy. Tags are keywords which used to sort items on Etsy. The first tag on an item determines which top-level category it’s listed under. Subcategories on Etsy are also based on tags. For Buyers tags are Categories. Just go to Categories section and select anything you interested in.

Another interesting way to buy is using Etsy Forum. You can post there new topic with request about what you looking for: model, color, made materials; and many-many Etsysts- Sellers will post for you related items.

Etsy has futures to shop by Colors or using Geolocator as well.

Try it! It’s really fun!

Future Alchemy section is another place where Buyers could enter requests for custom items. Sellers would then bid for the opportunity to do this. Currently this option is under construction but hopefully will be up soon.

You can visit  Etsy shops for handmade items, which made for you with love and care.

It’s really Very Easy Shop and Sell with Etsy!


41 Responses to “* Very Easy Shop and Sell with Etsy”

  1. Mary Hanks Says:

    Etsy has been for me a wonderful place to sell my various handmade items! Handbags and paintings, bibs, blankets…I LOVE the other shops and am so inspired by all the talent that is out there!!! I’d LOVE for you to visit my shop, contact me about any custom work, comments, etc.


  2. Tara Says:

    Good luck on Etsy!


  3. (My post from the forum at Etsy) That was a good piece….a very posistive view of Etsy, exactly the way I see it, too, by focusing on the actual reason I’m here – it’s a viable and very reasonable way for folks like me to expand their web businesses without being a huge investment in money. It give my odds of actually BEING in business a better chance, not to mention the community is first-rate. Very well written!

    Have a great day 🙂


  4. FuzzyIzmit Says:

    I really love this site. I have introduced several people to it…and they have bought things before I did! I also have a shop, and had my first sale yesterday. It is very easy to use and set up a shop. Everyone is very helpful and friendly too! Come and look around, I am sure everyone can find something they like!


  5. I absolutely adore Etsy–as a seller, I believe the philosophy behind buying handmade goods is that true handmade goods are not churned out in factories at piecework rate. Nothing in my store is mass-produced or can be found anywhere else, and requests for customization are welcome. Each item takes patience, creativity, and care in getting it perfect. This ultimately brings a level of personal satisfaction and pride in an artist’s work, and I think that pride and satisfaction is passed on to the customer. I’ve linked my store to my username in this comment if you’d like to visit some time 🙂


  6. jenclaire Says:

    wonderful announcement iranasstudio! I also have an etsy shop http://jenclaire.etsy.com specializing in clothing with that bohemian flare. Check it out!!!!!


  7. Angie Says:

    Such a great idea to promote Etsy like that. Ebay is so known to everyone, but if Etsy were to get more attention, I’m sure there’s a whole group of artists out there who could benefit from the word! 🙂

    My shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=21665


  8. I loooooove selling on Etsy! It’s just so easy and affordable. I never thought I could get as engrossed in selling as in creating, but I get so immersed in developing my shop I just can’t help myself. Come and see my best-selling leather skeleton key wallets and other bags and accessories. Hand made…vintage inspired. http://urbanheirlooms.etsy.com


  9. There are so many wonderful artisans on etsy, I have to watch myself or I could be browsing through the shops all day.


  10. Victoria Says:

    I found etsy after becoming disabled and I was unable to work at the career I had for almost 20 years. If it wasn’t for the ease in which etsy works and the welcoming feel of the etsy community, I would not be able to continue being a productive and active member of society! Thank you etsy for providing this whole new world to artists and crafters all over the world!!!


  11. Lara Jordan Says:

    Etsy is a great place to be! What a great place to buy and sell handmade items. I don’t know of any other like it. There are so many unbelievably talented artists. I am proud to be apart of the Etsy team!


  12. AncaNY Says:

    You made some very good points in your article/write-up.



  13. Etsy is a great community; welcome! Everyone here is very supportive and caring. There is much encouragement for one to succeed. I especially like the concept of things being handmade.


  14. greenwillow Says:

    Good write-up. I am a seller and a buyer on etsy. It’s a wonderful place to find and sell handmade items. I enjoy the etsy atmosphere, and by entering into the forums on etsy, I have found many online friends.


  15. Melissa Says:

    I’ve been a seller on Etsy for several months. I love the site and enjoy looking at others items. I think this year will be my first holiday season where all gifts will be hand made.


  16. Karen Says:

    Nice, useful summary of the site – thanks for that. The Bohemian Cats approve too – meow!


  17. I love etsy! It’s the best place ever, the community of people are so kind and helpful, and we all support each other as friends. It’s awesome!


  18. Annie Says:

    Etsy is a wonderful online community. It is so great being in the company of people who create and support each other. Thanks for letting more of the world know about Etsy.


  19. Annie Says:

    My etsy shop address is obsessivedesigns.etsy.com. Sorry I thought it would pop up in my previous comment.


  20. marina Says:

    Thanks for writing about etsy!

    I have been selling there for one month now and am very happy with my success… it’s a great place and full of wonderful people!


    ♥ join cipolla in the garden at


  21. Janick Says:

    At Nea Jewelry, you will find modern pieces that help you add a little edge to your style! Check my shop out! 🙂



  22. Annie Says:

    sorry I obviously didn’t provide a good link in my 2 previous comments-pardon me-I promise I will get it right this time :).



  23. Suzanne Says:

    Very nicely presented.I love Etsy.The people are readily available for help in the forums and supportive of one another.Some incredible talents are demonstrated.Have a look around.


  24. Ana Says:

    I have to agree with everyone here, Etsy is a great and easy place to shop and sell. I opened my shop not long ago, come and take a look. I have all different tags, great for gifts or scrapbooking.



  25. Deb Says:

    You have done an excellent job describing Etsy and contrasting it with Ebay. Unlike Ebay I love that Etsy sellers are able to set the prices on their hand made items and it is not an auction site at all. I like how Etsy states it, “Your online market place for all things Handmade”. Etsy has attracted a diverse group of artists and crafters from all over the world. I doubt there is anything you can dream up that can’t be found on Etsy from jewelry, woodworking, needlework, stained glass, art and craft supplies, paintings of every kind, scrapbooking to what I do, mosaic art and every thing else you can imagine. You can search for days and not see everything Etsy has to offer. I love Etsy, can you tell?? Visit me at http://www.stufffromthebunker.etsy.com


  26. Donna Says:

    I joined etsy 4 weeks ago & just love it. Everyone is so friendly & willing to answer questions. I find myself wanting to stay on etsy all day long & not do anything else.


  27. Welcome to Etsy, you will find it a hard habit to break. Even though I am there to sell my unique accessories for women and men, I have found that I have quite a collection of beautiful earrings (my weakness) from the talent folk there.

    Good luck with your shop.


  28. Dee Says:

    Welcome to Etsy!
    I totally agree…Etsy rocks..and the other buyers and sellers there are so helpful…its a huge community of support! I am so glad I found Etsy, and I wish everyone who has found Etsy and loves it all the best!


  29. Dee Says:

    I’m sorry, don’t mean to post twice..but here is my address:


  30. Lynne Says:

    Donna – you have officially caught the Etsy-fever and you are addicted. You will find many threads in the Etsy forums on this addiction. Unfortunately there is no cure. Probably because no one seems to want a cure for this strange affliction. Great blogs and postings such as this one will only add to the many, many current Etsyians who are happily spending their time creating, listing, shopping, buying, selling, chatting, etc.

    Thanks to irinasStudio for this post!

    Good luck to all who enter the wonderful world known as ETSY!



  31. It’s absolutely fabulous your getting the word out about etsy!


  32. CC Says:

    Well-said! Etsy is a great place! I have been encouraging my friends and relatives to set up a shop for their hand-made goods. Thanks for the post.


  33. Lourdes Says:

    Hey welcome to Etsy-


  34. Kathy Says:

    Welcome to Etsy!! I love it, too — a community and forum for artsy people to come together, sell their work, and have fun. What more could one ask for!?


  35. Etsy is a fantastic community of wonderfully talented people from all over the world. I feel proud and privileged to be a part of Etsy.


  36. I’m in love with Etsy! What a wonderful venue to express your creativity and offer your handmade goods!

    My shop offers Unique Sculpture, Gifts and Handmade Jewelry!

    Check it out!



  37. Irina,

    You have a great blog! Thanks for doing this. Anytime I run into artisans and crafters, I tell them about Etsy and how easy it is to set up a shop like mine.



    Sankofa Beads


  38. Hyla Says:

    I LOVE Etsy! I wish you luck!
    Please check out my blog!


  39. arlen costaine Says:

    I sell sonya vudal beauty products.
    how do i set up an account?


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