Good Fats….Essential Fatty Acids

November 19, 2019

Let’s talk about Fats.

Fats are important for Health. However, there are “good fats” and “bad fats”. This time discussion is about Essential Fatty Acids EFAs – the “good fats”.

These are vital nutritional components that our bodies need for many functions. EFAs found in the seeds of plants and in the oils of cold-water fish. They sometimes referred as vitamin F and cannot be made by the body; they must be supplied in the diet.

Many factors, including stress, allergies, disease and diet high in fried foods, can increase the body nutritional needs for essential fatty acids.

Consider adding these “good fats” to your diet. Eat healthy and be healthy!

Fish Oil

Omega 3-6-9 with a blend of Flax Seed, Evening Primrose, Canola, Black Currant and Pumpkin Seed Oils

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