US phone for International trip

May 1, 2013

ImageI know it’s very expensive to use a U.S. cell phone abroad. For example- in Spain Verizon charges $1.29/min.
Then for my trip to Spain I decide to try the Verizon Global Data Plan. It is available as 100MB/$25. As I understood the free data usage alerts will be sent to me when charges exceed $50, $150 etc. and I can stop to use it at any time by turning Cellular data usage off on my phone. It will limit me only to Wi-Fi.
Verizon would not prorate the unused data; even if you used 101MB they will charge another $25. I really don’t like that part.
To prevent unexpected incoming roaming calls I just need to keep the phone in Airplane mode.
For voice communication I am planning to use Skype and Google talk apps, probably I would need to use maps and iTranslator as well.
So then the question: how much is 100MB? I will let you know on my return 🙂

more info from Verizon 

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