January 6, 2012

If losing weight is among your New Year’s resolutions, the proFITness Club has some activities that can help you keep your resolve.
biggest looserFirst- The Biggest Looser Challenge*. Registration is open now and starting on January 15th you have three month to prove yourself that You can DO IT! Just remember to Eat Right, Get Moving and Reduce Screen Time.
Eating right begins with making smarter choices such as eating foods that are lower in fat and have fewer calories. Eating smaller portions and learning how to read food labels and dietary guidelines also help. In general, consuming fewer calories and increasing physical activity will help someone lose weight.
In order to keep your resolution to maintain a healthy weight adult need a minimum of three hours of moderate aerobic activity each week.
If looking for ways to find the time to become more active, an easy solution is to reduce the time spent in front of a computer screen or watching television. Health experts suggest limiting screen time to two hours or less each day unless it pertains to work or homework.
yoga detox


Second-Yoga Detox Workshop* which will help you to kick start the natural detoxifying processes of the body and teach how to create the mental clarity and focus. The methods of Kundalini yoga will help you to employ a dynamic approach to detoxification through the use of cleansing and energizing techniques which restore a natural balance of the body and moves you towards your natural state.
*for more information refer to

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