Happy 2011 with ProFIT Club!

January 10, 2011

Happy 2011!

304 E Diamond Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20877

We hope everyone had a great holiday season!

With the ringing in of a new year comes the ever so popular “resolutions.” More than likely, one of those resolutions involves losing weight or getting in better shape. Lucky you, ProFIT Club is here to your rescue…we offer many group fitness classes such as Zumba, Yogalates, Kickboxing, Kids’ Classes and our new: House Dance!

Check out the January Schedule HERE



Here are some of the new and exciting things happening this month:

  • Kids’ Art Classes – Children will explore and create with varied media in an environment that encourages self expression and artistic development.

ages 5-10 – $15 a class or $55 for 4 classes

Sundays @ 11:30am

  • ZumbAtomic – The Zumba for Kids – is a program designed with the same protocol as the regular adult Zumba class, but is aimed for the little ones, with more jumping and fun songs!

ages 5-10 – $10 a class or $35 for 4 classes

Wednesdays @ 5:15pm

  • House Dance– a NEW high intensity workout. It is mainly danced to house music. It was created by Latinos and African Americans from NYC. This fun and high impact dance is sure to make your body groove!

Thursdays @ 5:30pm


Be Social!

We would like to thank everyone who has joined our Facebook page and/or is following us on Twitter. We are always looking for feedback(good or bad), so don’t hesitate to speak up and comment.


ProFIT now has “check-in” specials on various smart phone application. Don’t forget to check in next time you’re around to take advantage of the discounts!


Stop the New Year’s Resolution Insanity

Any time is a good time to put a plan into action. If you are committed to having your goal coincide with the New Year, plan now so you are ready to hit the ground running. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Getting Motivated

You have to look inside yourself and find that fire–that passion and zest for life. You probably are as fat as you think. You probably are as out of shape as you think. Now let’s do something about it!

I don’t care what sport you played in high school or college. This is the here and now. What are you currently doing? It’s called “tough love.” Use it on yourself. Now let’s get fired up and make it happen. Make this the year that you regain control of your life or take your current fitness to the next level.

Goal Setting

First, set a fun, healthy or even crazy goal. Then go for it. Don’t focus on weight loss–let that be a by-product of your fitness goal. If you continue to focus on that number on your scale, you’ll drive yourself crazy.

Find a Class

You’re motivated. You’re dedicated. Now it’s time to find a fun class that will keep you motivated, in shape, and having fun. Make up your mind and commit to do that one thing that you’ve always thought about and wanted to do. Get your family, friends or coworkers to join you. There are thousands of exciting adventures out there for you to choose from. Don’t like the teaching style of an instructor? Try another! Don’t like Zumba? Try Kickboxing! Looking for a class at a time we don’t offer? Let us know and we will try to make it happen!


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