More ZUMBA in the area!

December 3, 2010

zumba in OldTown GAithersburg

ProFIT Club in Old Town Gaithersburg

With the holidays right around the corner it’s in the back of everyone’s minds that virtually everyone packs on a little extra holiday weight. While packing on the holiday weight might seem easy, its the taking it off that can be hard. What if you could go to a a center that offers the same knowledge that a gym has without being a gym? The recently opened ProFIT Club located in Gaithersburg might have found just the solution to helping those that are looking to lose weight or get fit.

ProFIT Club is a no stress, family friendly fitness center. The moto of the center it simple: to provide a friendly, supportive environment to help you achieve those weight loss or fitness goals. It’s a center that provides interactive fitness classes and nutritional classes without it being a gym with lines of equipment, tough unfriendly instructors and membership fees galore.

ProFIT Club prides themselves on the ability to offer a healthy workout alternative that won’t have you dreading going to the gym. The friendly atmosphere allows parents to bring their kids to meet new friends and a supportive environment that doesn’t just want your money but wants to truly help you be the best you can be in all areas of your life.

A wide variety of a classes are provided by ProFIT Club and are taught by knowledgeable, friendly instructors. Classes range from kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga and Pilates for the adults to children’s dance classes and fitness classes for the younger ones. As the ProFIT Club family grows there is potential for a number of other fitness classes, senior centered workouts and even early morning classes.

Come see what this non-gym experience is all about. After that classes are purchased on a punch card style system that allows members to have the flexibility to come to class when they want and not worry about paying monthly fees or having to fit in a number of classes to make it worth while. Member can enjoy the ability to come and go as their schedule fits.

Come check out what ProFIT Club is all about. There’s no obligation and you’ll be able to see what this new fitness experience is all about.

For class information, prices or questions visit or call the Club directly at 301-602-8142

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