*Internet Hoaxes

April 29, 2008

Can you imagine your life without Internet today? We are so depending on it -getting directions, shopping, finding any information we need- all that through the Internet. Enormous amount emails are coming to our mailbox everyday, most of them are spam. Some of them are Hoaxes. A lot of Internet users don’t know what is that and how to handle them. Let’s take a look what we can do.

Internet hoaxes- are email messages designated to influence you to forward them to everyone you know. Hoaxes encourage you to forward email messages by warning of new viruses, promoting moneymaking schemes, or citing a fictitious cause. By encouraging mass distribution, hoaxes clog networks and slow down Internet and email service for computer users. If you receive an email message requesting that you forward it to all your friends and coworkers, do not forward the email, just delete it.

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