* Magic Suma Root from Amazon Rainforest

April 1, 2008

Called the “Russian Secret”, suma root has long been used by athletes from that part of the world as an alternative to steroids. This may be because it contains the phytochemical beta-ecdysterone, and several related chemicals, as well as an unusual concentration of common nutrients and amino acids. Enjoy the benefits of Suma Root from Amazon Rainforest

Suma (also called Brazilian ginseng) is the root of a rambling ground vine found in South America used traditionally as a medicine and tonic.
Suma is an herbal medicine which serve to normalize and enhance body systems, increase resistance to stress, and boost overall functioning.

Suma is said to support hormonal balance, reduce inflammation, inhibit cancer and leukemia cells, enhance immunity, increase libido, and a provide a number of normalizing and rejuvenating effects. One of the reason for its myriad effects may be its ability to increase oxygenation and energy efficiency at the cellular level.

-Irina, NC

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