* Digestion and Enzymes

January 11, 2008


Almost everyone know that Enzymes are critical to our digestion process and to good health. All raw foods contain enzymes. But when foods are cooked at high temperatures, enzymes are destroyed. I would like to encourage people try to eat something raw every day, at every meal time, if possible, one or two servings of salad and at least two raw servings of fruit every day.Often though, people need to take enzymes. Our enzyme ‘bank account’ becomes depleted as we age and the metabolism slows. Yet another reason why people gain weight as they age.Digestive problems are the first indication that the enzymes in our bodies are being depleted.


How many older people do you know who have digestive concerns. A good number of them, right? How many younger people do you know who complain about digestion. Hardly any, but still some.

There are four main types of digestive enzymes;


  • Amylase – to break down carbohydrates,
  • Lipase – to break down fats,
  • Protease – to break down proteins
  • Cellulase – to break down soluble parts of fiber.

There is also lactase for those who are lactose intolerant.So if you are having digestive concerns, consider enzymes to improve your health.

Enzymes are just one step to improving your health. Enzymes can also help in weight loss goals.

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Irina, NC

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