* …my life with herbs

June 6, 2007

I was always interested in herbs and nutrition. Just couple month ago I graduated from College of Natural Medicine with Nutritional Consultant Diploma. I don’t know if I will continue in this field or not, but for now I ‘m glad I have that knowledge from the course and can use it.

I was introduced to Amazon Herb Co more than two ears ago and was happy to find high-quality botanical nutrition I could use in my daily life which is keeping my energy running with family and all my activities: work, sport and hobbies.

Today I want to share my experience about some of the Amazon Herb Co products.

We all know that with aging, our body is not producing enough enzymes which we need for proper digestion; and as a result people have some health problems and don’t know where they come from. The Digestazon Plus is a good source of natural enzymes. I’m using it with my food, especially if I need to attend some special events with a lot of ‘yummy’ stuff.

I start my morning with couple Aquazons – the concentrated source of sea minerals and proteins. Later in a morning I have my cup of Matte or Treasure tea.

My favorite chocolate – Chocamaca keeps me focuses and full of energy in the afternoon.

The Warrior helps me during yoga and kickboxing exercises (increasing focus and stamina) and Recovazon helps to feel good after (fewer muscle aches, pains and injuries).

Reinforest Nutritions are the essential key to being in good health and top shape for me.

Try it yourself and tell me I’m wrong.

-Irina, NC

2 Responses to “* …my life with herbs”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Chocamaca is my favorite!!!!


  2. Lynn E. Appell Says:

    I am searching for an herb that rejuvenates the valves in the heart. I have had a prolapsed mitral valve for more then 15 years with no problems. Upon a general check, an additional valve was found prolapsed. Still no problems but I believe proactiveness is important here. I would like to reverse this apparent degeneration of the valves. Hawthorne has been known for years to strengthen the heart but not necessarily known to restructure it. Recently, someone mentioned an herb found that has this capability. Are you familiar with this herb?


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